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Welcome to Birmingham Ryukyu Kobujutsu.  BRK is a small group of affiliated branch dojos of the Ryukyu Kobujutsu Association of Great Britain, and offers regular classes in authentic kobujutsu [kobudo] weaponry, in the Midlands region. 

As an RKAGB dojo, the Birmingham branch aims to assist the Association in preserving and promoting the teachings of tradition Okinawan martial arts. From beginners to senior students, a structure in both kobujutsu weapons usage and grading is provided by the Association, creating the link for all serious martial artists between open hands and kobujutsu weapons. The RKAGB offers the student of martial arts a unique and traditional system, backed with expert and qualified instruction. 

We recommend that you visit the RKAGB main website for more information on the system and it's heritage. Here you can learn about the weapons of Kobujutsu in detail and view the syllabus followed by students worldwide, and additionally you can find a unique insight into the historical background of Ryukyu Kobujutsu. This site also features a fascinating biography of Shihan Julian Mead, offering a rare background to the training he received during his years in Japan. You can also obtain dates of the numerous Association courses and seminars which are available to all students.